the white boxer

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The Myths and Truth about White Boxers
   Quite often, a white boxer comes into rescue looking for a new home so we thought that we would attempt to dispel some of the ideas that
   people do seem to have about them. Many boxer breeders over-look white puppies as they feel that the ideal boxer should be red or brindle
   with symmetrical white markings on the face and legs and that anything over 25% of white on the body is unacceptable. They forget that
   white puppies are still boxers! The majority of boxer litters usually contain one or more white puppies, especially if the sire & dam are both
   flashy, that is with white markings on the face, legs and chest. Some breeders do not wish to rear these puppies so they are quite often put to
   sleep as soon as they are born. White boxer puppies can still find loving and caring homes like the red or brindle puppies as they are, after
   all, still a boxer dog despite their colouring. We hear the same old stories that if you have a white boxer he will be deaf, blind or die early.
Someone actually told us they thought all white boxers were born with webbed feet!
   It is fair to say that of all the white boxers that are born,18% are born deaf, maybe in one or both ears but they can be trained and with a little
   love and patience do grow up to lead happy, contented lives just like any other boxer dog. Unfortunately, the white boxer has been the cause
   of much controversy among breeders and owners for quite some time but hopefully, the information below will help you to decide.
In 1895, one of the first Boxers was White CH Blanca Von Abgertor
   MYTH 1:   White boxers are rare. And the Truth? Approximately 25% of all boxers are born white. In fact, some of the first
                     foundation dogs for the boxer breed were white but since white boxers do not conform to the breed standard of the UK
                     Boxer Club or the Kennel Club, many are still put down at birth.
   MYTH 2:   White boxers develop more health problems and are sicker than other boxers. And the truth? Because a boxer is white
                     does not mean that it is going to be unhealthy. No clinical evidence has ever shown that the white boxer to be at a
                     higher risk for health problems.
   MYTH 3:    All white boxers are deaf and are not trainable. And the truth? Although there is a higher incidence of deafness when a
                     boxer is white (approximately 18%), not all are deaf but any deaf boxer can be trained using a variety of methods
                     including hand signals, sign language, flashlights and more. Training any boxer, hearing or deaf, requires time, patience
                     and understanding.
   MYTH 4:   White boxers are “mean”. And the truth? White boxers are not "mean". The colour of a boxer does not affect a boxer's
                     personality or temperament and white boxers exhibit the same endearing personality and traits as their darker
   MYTH 5:   White boxers are albinos. And the truth? White boxers are not albinos. They are simply normal boxers that are born with
                     white hair.
   MYTH 6:   White boxers cannot be registered. And the truth? White boxers can be registered with the Kennel Club but although
                     they cannot been shown in the show ring, they can be worked in obedience classes and they love to do agility.
The latest new regarding White Boxers
     White boxers are now being shown in Europe due to the German Boxer Club changing their standard which now allows white
     boxer classes at their Breed and Championship shows.
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