about adopting a tvbr boxer

   If you have seen a boxer on our website you feel that you could offer them their forever home, we would ask that you complete our
   Adoption Form.
   When we have received the form and we feel that you may be a suitable home for that particular dog, we will contact you to have a
   chat and to make arrangement for a home visit. We will normally make this visit ourselves but occasionally we may have to ask
   someone that we know to make this visit for us particulaly if you are a long distance away from us. On these occasions, we would
   never arrange this without your express permission.
   If, after the home check visit we feel that you could be the right home, we would then arrange you both to meet and if you and the dog
   are happy, we would then leave you to get to know each other.
   After the completion of the adoption paperwork, we would then arrange for the transfer of the microchip into your name.
   As many of you will know, moving home can be a very stressful time and for an animal, it can be even more so as they do not
   understand what is happening to them. To try to minimise any stress, we will always move our dogs in daylight hours to give them time
   to familiarise themselves with their new surroundings.
   We always advise owners to give their new boxer several days to settle into the home before introducing them to the family who do not
   normally live with you and we stress the importance of not letting your boxer off the lead until the have had time to know the sound of       your voice for recall.
   We also would also ask that you the read our pages about Bloat(GDV). Alabama Rot and the Things That Will Harm Your Dog.

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