April, 2022

The Thames Valley Boxer Rescue Questionnaire to Temporarily Foster a TVBR Boxer

This form is only if you wish to be considered as a TEMPORARY FOSTER HOME.
If you would like to offer a PERMANENT loving home, please use the Adoption Questionnaire.

When you submit this questionnaire, you will receive a confirmation email.
Folowing this email, you will only be contacted if we have a boxer come into rescue
in need of fostering that we feel may be suitable to your family circumstances.

All questions marked # are required please

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
From 25th May, 2018 the law was changed which
means we cannot contact you without your permission.

Your full address, please

We would not be able to place one of our boxers with you without your landlords permission

A garden or a yard is necessary for a dog do do it’s toilet.
We may not be able to home a rescue boxer with you.

We will not place a rescue bitch into a foster home with an entire dog.

We will not place a rescue dog into a foster home with an unspayed bitch

Maximum 500 Characters

Please read the TVBR Foster Conditions listed below

The “SEND” button will be revealed by a code at the bottom of these conditions

Contact Prior And During A Foster Period

After completeing and submitting a foster form, a home visit will be arranged by ourselves only when we have a boxer in need of a temporary foster home that we feel is right for your family circumstances. During any foster period, we will be in contact with you to ensure that our boxer is happily settled and to offer any assistance that may be needed.

Veterinary Fees and Our Liabilities

Thames Valley Boxer Rescue (TVBR) will not be held responsible for any claims, liabilities, damage or costs whatsoever in connection with any boxer during a foster period. TVBR will only cover the cost of any veterinary treatment that may be necessary during the period of any foster placement provided that it has been agreed by us. If a fostered dog is taken for any veterinary treatment, WE WILL NOT BE RESPONSIBLE FOR NOR WILL WE REIMBURSE ANY COSTS THAT MAY BE INCURRED WITHOUT OURPERMISSION.

Feeding and Housing

All foster families must undertake to feed and house any fostered boxer to the satisfaction of TVBR. All boxers will only be fostered as pets and we will never place a dog into a foster home if it will have to spend any time living outside of the family home.

Change of Address

All foster families MUST notify TVBR of any change of address whilst they are fostering a rescue dog. In such circumstances, we will decide if any dog being fostered can remain with the family or that it will be returned to the TVBR rescue.




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