The TVBR Conditions For Adoption

1. Post re-homing follow up contact:
After completing and submitting an adoption form, a home visit will only be arranged for ourselves or by a representative when we have a boxer in rescue in need of adoption and that we feel may be the right one for your family circumstances. After an adoption, the new keeper will be contacted with the object of ensuring that your new boxer is happily settled and to give any advice or assistance if it is needed.

2. The Microchip Registration:
It became a legal requirement that from the 6th April, 2016, all dogs MUST be microchipped and wear an identification disc with the Registered Keepers Name, Address and Telephone Number. Failure to do so in a public place could render you to a fine of up to £5000.00. Should your boxer go missing, you MUST notify Thames Valley Boxer Rescue, your local dog warden and immediately. (there is a link to doglost under “some useful links" on this website).

3. Pedigree Papers:
Under no circumstances whatsoever will any pedigree papers be passed on to the new keeper of a Thames Valley Boxer Rescue boxer.

4. Pet Insurance:
Thames Valley Boxer Rescue cannot be he held responsible for veterinary fees incurred after an adoption. An introductory offer of four weeks free PetPlan Insurance is included with every boxer adoption as we advise all new keepers to take out pet insurance to cover any veterinary fees. We use PetPlan for our own boxers but new keepers are under no obligation to take advantage of this 4 weeks free offer.

5. Feeding And Housing:
All keepers must undertake to feed and house their adopted boxer to the satisfaction of Thames Valley Boxer Rescue. All boxers are only homed as pets and under no circumstances will we place a dog in a home if it is intended that it will spend time living outside in a kennel. Should we become aware of a situation where one of our adopted boxers is being kept outside of the family home, we will take immediate steps to remove the dog from the home.

6. Donations:
Thames Valley Boxer Rescue is supported and administered voluntarily and all new keepers are requested to make a minimum donation to the rescue at the time of adoption. We regret that donations made to Thames Valley Boxer Rescue are non-refundable.

7. Documents:
We will dispatch any available documents (i.e: vaccination card, etc) to you immediately after an adoption. PLEASE NOTE: We reserve the right to remove any dog from a home if the required signed adoption form together with donation is not received within fourteen (14) days of dispatch from Thames Valley Boxer Rescue.

8. If You Are Unable To Keep Your Adopted Boxer:
Should it be necessary for you to part with your adopted boxer for any reason, Thames Valley Boxer Rescue MUST be notified and UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES may your boxer be passed on to a third party without our prior consent. We will arrange for any necessary re-homing and we regret that any donation made to Thames Valley Boxer Rescue cannot be refunded.

9. Your Liabilities To Us:
Thames Valley Boxer Rescue cannot and will not be held responsible for any claims, liabilities, damage or costs whatsoever incurred in connection with your boxer after adoption and the new keeper should indemnify Thames Valley Boxer Rescue or its proprietor(s) by any third parties. We suggest that your boxer is insured against such liabilities.

10. Unsuitable Homing:
Thames Valley Boxer Rescue reserves the right to remove any boxer that is considered to have become unsuitably placed due to any change in circumstances. In such cases it is regretted that any donation that may have been made to Thames Valley Boxer Rescue cannot be refunded.

11. Change Of Address:
Thames Valley Boxer Rescue MUST be notified of any change of address.

12. Breeding: