The TVBR Adoption Disclaimer

Thames Valley Boxer Rescue cannot guarantee that any dog seen on this website will be suitable for a particular prospective keeper.

The dogs that we do display on our website will all have differing needs and can only be matched accurately to a new home after the completion and submission of our Adoption Form.

Please note that you must be 18 years old or over to home a Thames Valley Boxer Rescue dog and only under certain circumstances will we reserve a particular animal.

Thames Valley Boxer Rescue cannot guarantee that any dog shown on this website will be at the rescue centre.

We home our dogs seven days a week and try to remove their details as soon as possible after all adoptions but although this website is updated by ourselves, there may be occasions when a dog still appears that may have already been homed.

We will try to confirm by telephone or email that a particular dog is still available but there are always dogs waiting for new homes.

Thames Valley Boxer Rescue cannot accept responsibility for the temperament of any dog once it has been re-homed.

All dogs are re-homed at our discretion and we reserve the right to refuse an application to re-home a dog without giving a reason.

All Thames Valley Boxer Rescue dogs are given health and temperament assessments to give us an insight into a dog's character which enables us to make a considered decision as to which type of home would be best for the dog.

Please be aware that even after a dog has settled into a new home, their behaviour can sometimes alter.

Thames Valley Boxer Rescue can only assess a dog on the behaviour it displays whilst in our care but we will give full support for anyone experiencing any difficulties with their pet after re-homing

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