Welcome to Thames Valley Boxer Rescue which is run by Jackie Drew and her partner, Peter Gillies.

  Jackie has been rescuing and rehoming dogs for over 40 years and uses her wealth of experience to try to ensure that

all of our rescue



dogs are placed into the best possible home, both for the dog and for their new keeper.

  We are funded primarily by donations made when we place a boxer into a home and although we will never ask for any other donation,


we are always very gratefull for any extras that we do receive.

  Without donations, we would be unable to pay for our veterinary and kennel bills but more importantly, we would be

unable to help


other boxers.

  As many of you will know, moving home can be a very stressful time but for an animal, it is more so because they don't know what is


happening to them.

  To try to ease this stress, where possible we try to move our dogs direct from their present home into their new one and always during


daylight hours so as to allow them to familiarise themselves quickly with their new surroundings.

  We do not have any kennels of our own so if we are unable to make a direct move, we will take a dog into our home but as we have our


own boxers, space is very limited. 

  If we don't have any room in our home, we will place a rescued boxer either into a temporary foster home or into a

boarding kennels


although the latter is always as a very last resort.

  We strongly advise all new keepers to give their boxer a couple of days to settle into the home before meeting other

family members and


friends and, most importantly, not to let them off the lead until they have had time to adjust to

their new surroundings and to the sound


of your voice.

  Thank you for taking the time to visit us and we urge you to please read our page about




and as the email at the

bottom of that


page shows, a couple of minutes read and the knowledge of “bloat” could possibly save your pets life!

  Jackie and Pete,

  Thames Valley Boxer Rescue.

updated 3/12/2017



escuing boxers for nearly 40 years            



We are

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